Battery Operated Baby Monitor 2020 (The Top 5 Reviewed & Ranked)

A battery operated baby monitor is not a luxury item as some parents think.

If you have the budget and want the best for your baby, it should among the essential items you get for your baby.

Not only does it make your life easier, but it can also bring a lot of joy to your baby’s face when they know you’re always there for them.

A baby monitor is a great thing to have if you have a baby or toddler that sleeps in their own room. It offers you the comfort of knowing that your kid is safe in their nursery.

If this is you buying for your second or third child, a good battery baby monitor can change the way you raise your kid.

You’re no longer in constant worry about your little one. You can have some time for yourself.

You’ll feel at ease when getting things done around the house since you get to know when your baby needs you, even though they’re in their own room.

In this article, we list the top battery operated baby monitors you can get your hands on right now.

They’re affordable, well constructed, and suitable for travel and home use.

Note: This guide is now updated with two extra baby monitors that features “battery powered baby units”.

Top 5 Battery Operated Baby Monitors 2020:

1. SereneLife Wireless Long Range Video Monitor

Best battery operated baby monitor

battery operated baby monitor
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The SereneLife Wireless Long Range Video Monitor is one of the newest baby monitors on the market for those looking for a battery powered option.

It comes with temperature monitoring, night vision, wireless feature, and a color screen for a rich experience.

It’s not expensive either. If you’re looking for a solid baby monitor system, this is it.

With that said, let’s look at some of the good features that are available on this item:

Good Range

The baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby both inside and outside, thanks to the upgraded 850′ wireless range.

Aside from the reliable wireless frequency, you can get your baby under the screen with the long-range 850′ wireless capability.

If you’re using it inside, it’ll cover a better part of the home so you can have your eye on your child from anywhere in the room. And if you’re going outside, but not too far from the house, you’ll still get a signal so you can maintain your watch over your little one.

Enable Sleep Mode for Serenity

If you want some peaceful time or when it’s time to go to bed, you can turn on the VOX mode.

This mode will shut off most of the functions on the monitor. No screen light or sound will be detected, allowing for a stress-free sleep at night for both momma and baby.

Monitor Temperature in All Weather

Whether you’re buying this during the winter or summer, you’ll find the in-built thermometer in the unit useful.

The temperature monitor system will monitor the temperature in the nursery and report back. This way, you’re able to ensure your baby is comfortable in all seasons.

While most baby monitors will come with a feature like this, it’s rare to find one in an inexpensive model like this one.

Enjoy a Build-in Rechargeable Battery

The SereneLife Wireless Long Range Video Monitor comes with a 750mAh which is better than what you’ll find in most baby monitors.

This means it’ll last for a long time after each recharge. Also, it has a two-way communication that’ll enable you to talk back to your baby, anytime without any restriction.

And because wireless communication is up to 500 ft, you can enjoy a stable connection over a wide area around the house.

Where to Purchase?

If you are living in a big condo, you need a good baby monitor with strong wifi to keep the connection going.

With the 850′ wireless coverage, you’ll be able to maintain a stable connection when you move around the house such as going downstairs or the garage.

Compared to many, especially wireless-enabled baby monitors, this is reasonably priced. It’s also easy to set up and use, which makes it a great model to add to your baby registry.

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2. VTech DM223-2 Audio Baby Monitor

A baby monitor with battery operated transmitter

Battery Operated Baby Monitor
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When moms have their first baby, it’ll seem as though they’ll never have time to do things around the house like before.

This feeling is mutual and must have ravaged many parents before the invention of the baby monitor.

Today, you can be in the kitchen and watch over your baby. You can even talk to them and calm them without being physically present.

The VTech DM223-2 Audio Baby Monitor is one of such time savers.

With this monitor, you can hear your baby, no matter where you’re in the house. This gives you peace of mind by making your baby closer to you.

Fortunately, there are two parent units that come with the package so you and your spouse can share both.

And if you’re single, you can keep one until one gets old. Since it’s the one you’ll take with you and use the most, it’ll most likely see wear and tear quickly, compared to the transmitter (baby’s unit).

There are a lot of other features that come with the VTech DM223-2 Audio Baby Monitor.

Clear Sound

One thing to love about this monitor is that you can be in the kitchen and hear your baby makes sounds or move.

This means you won’t have to worry about your baby waking up and crying for you.

This will help keep your baby calm while helping you achieve a more relaxed life.

Aside from the sound being clear, there are volume controls on the unit that you can adjust.

If you’re talking with someone, for example, you can turn down the volume so you can hear the person you’re discussing with.

Also, if you’re in the shower and you don’t want to miss out when your baby cries, you can increase the volume so you can hear any sound from your baby’s room.

Night Light on Baby Unit

Another useful feature of this VTech DM223-2 is the night-light on the baby unit. This night light vision is particularly useful at night when you need to see your baby.

If you normally feed your baby at midnight, the flashing lights coming from the baby unit allow you to see your baby easily. And if your baby wakes up at night, you can easily locate them to calm them.

Rechargeable Battery

Aside from being a battery-powered baby monitor, the VTech Audio Baby Monitor can also be recharged. This will save you the cost or the need to constantly replace batteries.

Again, it has a low battery alert that’ll beep and alert you when the battery is low. This is a very useful function for keeping the unit working perfectly.

Fortunately for traveling divas, the battery life is OK. It can last for several hours with a single charge. This can be used throughout the day so you only have to charge it at night.

Another advantage of this model is that you can easily turn it off when it’s not in use. This not only saves on battery life but also lifespan.

It’s also better than other models that rely entirely on batteries. Since there is no support for an AC adapter, you’ll have to replace the battery every time it becomes low.

Where to Purchase

The VTech DM223-2 Audio Baby Monitor can be purchased at Amazon. Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as the other models in this category.

The cost of buying the VTech DM223-2 Audio Baby Monitor is worth it considering the amount of freedom it gives you.

Whether you’re just expecting your first baby or want to get one for your newborn, check it out and read the extra features it comes with.

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3. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The Best Battery Baby Monitor

Battery Operated Baby Monitor
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The Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a neat and convenient unit for looking over your baby.

While it’s possible to get an audio baby monitor for a fraction of its price, it comes with a lot more benefits you wouldn’t find on an audio monitor.

Moreover, if the nursery is very close to your room, you may be tempted to want to go for a cheaper one.

Even though it’s not up to a hundred dollars, most parents may be too rigid in their budgets to consider it.

If you find yourself in any of those scenarios, you may want to convince yourself after seeing some of the features of this unit.

Clear and High-Quality Video

Aside from the sound quality, you can also watch your baby in high definition. While the screen isn’t as wide as a 6-inch smartphone, you can clearly make out your baby’s features on it, which is the most important.

Right from the surface, you can see your baby breathe and wiggle in the crib. You’ll be able to see your baby is awake and at ease.

And if you want more, you can zoom in further so you can see your baby better. And you can pan around too.

While you won’t get an aerial view of the nursery, you’ll have enough information about your baby’s state to put your mind at rest.

Enjoy Long Range Signal

There are not many cheap baby monitors that’ll come with a range of 950+ ft without some barriers. With this range, you don’t have to worry about hearing your baby’s sound if your house is large.

This is one of the reasons we considered it as the battery baby monitor or at least one of the best.

Great Value for Money

If you don’t have a lot to spend on a baby monitor but still want a very good one, the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor may be suitable for you.

It’s not expensive but also not mediocre.

It’s easy to set up and the quality of the picture is good. It also comes with a decent battery life, which is important for a battery-operated unit.

Moreover, it comes with a two-way talkback feature that allows you to talk to your baby unrestricted. Hear your baby crying for you and you’re busy? Calm them with your sweet voice from the kitchen!

It has some downsides too, but that doesn’t break it or make it less worthy.

For example, the quality of the night vision is low. It might not pick up the baby’s figure clearly in the dark compared to some other expensive units.

The zoom view is also not expansive. As mentioned in a few paragraphs above, it doesn’t provide full coverage of the nursery.

All of these are to be expected from a monitor that’s as affordable as this one.

Where to Purchase?

You can get this from Amazon too. If you want a quality, well built, high-performance monitor but don’t want to invest in a luxury item, you can look at the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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4. Baby Monitor 720P HD 5 Inch Video with Camera and Audio

Battery Operated Baby Monitor
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There are many baby monitors out there that’ll provide good coverage for your baby.

The Baby Monitor 720P HD 5 Inch Video is one of the nice models out there with both camera and audio.

One of the great features is that it’s a non-wifi baby monitor. This means it’s not hackable, compare to a wifi baby monitor.

If you’re paranoid about someone hacking into your baby’s camera, you’re welcome to go with this.

Light Camera

The monitor/camera is light so carrying it around the house is going to be easy for you.

This also means that it’ll stay with you most of the time, making sure you can easily hear your baby when he or she makes a sound.

The camera also has a night vision, which is high quality compared to that of the Hello Baby Video Monitor above. What this does is enable you to see your baby clearly at night.

So, if you decide to feed your baby at night, you’ll be able to do it even if you’re afraid of the dark.

With the Baby Monitor 720P Video Unit, you can watch, hear, and talk to your baby from a long distance.

Suitable for small Apartment

Whether you’re living in a small or large apartment, this unit will let you interact with your baby better. The distance or gap between your bedroom and your baby’s room will vanish and you’ll feel closer to your baby more than before.

The monitor has one of the biggest screens you can find on a battery-operated unit. It’s so big you’ll have a sweet time watching your baby wiggle, turn over, and smile to yourself.

In terms of price, it’s more expensive than the other units in this article. However, it makes for it in features, performance, and raving reviews.

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5. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor (1,000ft. Range)

Best battery powered Baby Monitor for camping
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In terms of coverage range, this is one of the high-level models to have.

Giving that it’s the least expensive on the list, you should expect to see some surprises.

However, in terms of functionality and performance, it’s a great model for it to have satisfied thousands of moms/dads.

It comes with some of the basic features you’ll find on an audio baby monitor.

For its price, the 1,000ft. of a range is a steal. It has a 5-level sound indicator which makes it easy to adjust the volume to your heart’s desire.

Surprisingly, it comes with a belt clip that you can clip on to your cloth so you don’t have to carry it in your hands. This is a great feature, especially now that it’s found in such a cheap model.

It’s also very easy to use. It seems that many people are particularly attracted to the lightweight and compactness of this unit.

Some people want something that’s portable and inexpensive. If that’s you, you may have found a winner.

It’s extremely cheap, just as it’s lightweight. This makes it easy to use wherever you find yourself.

And since it’s powered on battery, you don’t need to worry about its operation other than replacing the batteries when it becomes low.

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Battery Powered Baby Units (Newly Updated)

DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

In many of my reviews on baby monitors, DBPower always comes up. The reason is that this brand makes very good baby monitors. Aside from their very popular video monitor, they also have audio baby monitors, which a lot of people love.

After writing this guide, one of my readers requested a special kind of battery powered baby monitor.

They wanted a baby monitor with a battery-powered baby unit. After going through a lot of different audio versions, I came across this and another model reviewed below.

Aside from pointing this out to the reader, I wanted to update this guide with these units so that future readers can benefit from them.

Now, what are the features of this unit? And how can it benefit you when you buy it?

Two-way Talk-back Intercom System

There are quite a few features on the monitor that I like. The first is the two-way and talk-back intercom system. This is one of the few great features on the monitor.

It allows you to hear and talk back to your baby. You can simply soothe your baby from any room when they need your attention.

Or distract them long enough till you can go in there and pamper them. That’s a cute feature to have on a baby monitor.

Long Operating Range

Another feature I like about this baby monitor is that it comes with a 2.4GHz transmission system. The first advantage is an interference-free operation that ensures you hear your baby anytime they cry which is very important for safety.

The unit also provides up to 300m (1000ft) transmission range with clear audio. This means better security and a great advantage for long rage monitoring.

Rechargeable Battery Operated Parent/Child Unit

I love this feature the most. Both the parent and child unit can run on 3 AAA batteries. For someone who has a detached room from their baby or in a mobile house, this can be very useful.

You don’t have to worry about connecting the baby unit, instead, all you have to do is stock on new batteries.

While it’s recommended to plugin when that’s possible, the option of using a battery brings a lot of flexibility into your baby monitoring.

Check out the price and rating here

Audio Baby Monitor Intercom Walkie-Talkie

The truth is that not many baby monitoring units come with an independent sender (baby unit) that can be powered on a battery. Most are electric-operated.

While there are lots of advantages to that, it can be limiting in some situations. So, for anyone looking for a model that encloses this feature, here is one.

The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the portability. Even if you’re only using it indoors, you can still benefit from the small size.

The unit has an attached clip that you can clip to your clothing and move around with it. Who says you can monitor your baby while tending to the garden?

I also like that this saves power compared to a video baby monitor. The more features you have (and use) on the unit, the more power it consumes.

With its sound activated feature, however, this unit can save you extra bucks from low energy consumption.

Check out the pricing and rating here

Battery Operated Baby Monitor for Camping (Newly Updated)

DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

battery operated baby monitor for camping
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Since we are talking about baby monitors you can take on camping, portable and battery-powered systems are the best.

One of these is the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor. There are a lot of things to like about this baby monitor.

First, it’s portable. It comes with rechargeable batteries and is smaller than most of the other popular units on the market. This makes it travel and camp-friendly.

Second, it’s cheap. Unless you are looking for a high-quality model with all the bells and whistles, then this is an ideal model for camping. At this price point, you may not see all the features you want.

There are also basic features like a lullaby, two-way, talk-back intercom, and a long operating range.

According to the manufacturer, the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor will cover up to 1,000ft which is enough for your camping needs.

Click Here to Check Reviews and Ratings

Arlo Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System

battery operated baby monitor for camping
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What if you don’t want a baby monitor with just basic features?

Then, you may want to consider others like the Arlo Pro. The Arlo Pro line comes in different fashions with a variety of prices. The original one comes with just a camera. But you can add up to 6 camera units with an increasing pricing scale.

For traveling and camping, two cameras should be enough. Besides, that’ll save you money too.

The basic one is waterproof, cordless, rechargeable, and comes with 2-way audio features.

The unit can also hold up to 7 days of free cloud HD video recordings so you can keep important information until you need it. It can also integrate with your internet of things using IFTTT and a lot of other goodies you can check out from the product page.

Click Here to Check Reviews and Ratings

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor

Which Closed Circuit Baby Monitor is Best?
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This 5” touchscreen full-color LCD offers you a wireless FHSS solution, with 100 % secure and private connection, so you can enjoy your baby with no worries that someone will hack you.

This device supports six languages, and up to four cameras, as well. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, so you can carry it anywhere in your home, without missing a moment with your baby.

CasaCam BM200 has a digital zoom, temperature display, automatic night-vision, so all you have to do is to relax by observing what your baby is doing, by day and by night.

Click Here to Check Reviews and Ratings

Choosing a Battery Operated Baby Monitor for Your Baby

It’s easy to choose a baby monitor for your baby.

There are enough brands to choose from and most come with awesome features to make your life easier.

The most important feature of this device, however, is enabling you to keep an ear and eye on your baby without constantly standing or watching over him or her.

In a typical design, a baby monitor is made up of a receiver and transmitter. The transmitter is placed in your baby’s room and you keep the receiver with you.

Some models come with multiple receivers so that both parents can watch and listen to their baby.

Advanced battery operated baby monitors often come with belt clips on the receivers that you can fasten to your clothing so you can take it around with you.

Fortunately, getting a monitor powered by batteries is easier to use compared to the non-battery powered models.

In fact, the majority are powered by batteries. Some have rechargeable batteries while others can be recharged with AC adapter.

This makes absolutely easier to take it around with you. Also, some of the parent units (the receiver) are portable. You can put it in your back pocket and any sound coming from your baby will be easily heard.

Here are some extra features you should look for when selecting:

LED Lights

Some baby monitors have lights that flash when sound or noise is coming from the transmitter.

This visual cue can alert you to your baby’s need when due. This can be very useful when you’re washing dishes or cleaning the kitchen and not directly watching the monitor screen.

This way, you don’t miss any sound from the nursery even when you’re busy with other non-child activities.

Multiple Channels

This feature is great for eliminating signal interference between the receiver and transmitter. On most digital monitors with multiple channels, the chances of outside interference are low.

Moreover, the signal is protected by being encoded. Therefore, other people from outside cannot easily pick up on the signal, which ensures total privacy and peace of mind.

Two-way Communication

This is now widespread among baby monitors. With this, you can comfort your baby with your voice when you hear them from the parent unit.

This means you can stay in your room or keep doing what you’re doing while being able to reassure your baby that you’re around.

This is a very nice feature that endears most moms to baby monitors.

Infrared Technology

This enables you to see your baby in the dark and attend to them. This is useful for parents that like to feed their babies at night. And it can be a great assistance when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

Long-Range Baby Monitor

These are very powerful baby monitors that help you keep in touch with your baby even if you have a large room.

They have a wide range of signals so you can maintain communication with your baby over a wide area.

They’re also the most suitable for traveling because they cover a good latitude and real estate.

So, if you have a room for your baby that’s far apart from yours, you can still hear when he or she cries. This is a very handy feature whether you’re at home or abroad.

What to do After Buying a Battery Baby Monitor

The first thing you need to do is to test it right away. Don’t put it down until you’ll need it.

You want to see if it works. And if so, how do you operate it to get the most benefit from it.

This is where reading the user manual may be useful. It should guide you on how to use the unit correctly.

Also, to ensure you can use it in different areas of your home to test the range and if it’s up to what the manufacturer claims, and if you can get a good signal throughout your house.

Another very important thing to do is to ensure you’re replacing the battery on the monitor often. A weak battery can interfere with the operation of the monitor, which can reduce the reliance.

Finally, don’t place the monitor near water or metal objects. The water can result in electric shock hazards while metal objects can interfere with the reception.

Battery Powered Baby Monitor vs Rechargeable vs Electric

When choosing a baby monitor, you’ll have to decide if you want a battery-powered one or the other types.

Each one comes with its advantage. And there is not much you can change about them. However, a baby monitor with a battery may come with lots of advantages.

First, it’s more versatile and flexible to use. You can use it at home and during your travel with minimum downtime compared to a rechargeable or electric monitor.

As long as you’re replacing the battery regularly, it’ll be operated smoothly. The downside is the cost of replacing the battery.

If you travel often or are a work at home mom, you may find the battery monitor a bit more feasible than the other.

You don’t have to plug it in before you can use it nor will you depend on power to use one.

A rechargeable monitor is also good because it saves you the need of buying batteries all the time.

However, if you can get a battery-powered monitor that also has an AC adapter that you can plug into the wall, you’ll be able to enjoy both benefits.

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Final Words on the Best Battery Operated Baby Monitor

Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or you’re already a mom of a few kids, a baby monitor is one of the few items you cannot pass up.

These items are easily available and can make parenting easy. You can get things done better and enjoy your baby’s companion better.

While there are a few other types, a battery operated baby monitor is a suitable type to get.

Aside from the cost of replacing batteries, it can make monitoring your baby easy. You don’t have to depend on power before using it.

This means you can use it anytime you want without necessarily adding to your energy bills.

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  1. I am searching for a audio baby monitor with battery powered BABY ( sender ) unit. Everything I see requires the Baby unit to be plugged in to 110 v.

    NOTE I have an enclosed horse trailer and I want to put the BABY sender unit in the trailer, and Parent receiver in my (towing) car so I can hear if the horse is in distress.

    I can change the batteries in the sender unit in the trailer, or supply 12 volt DC to the trailer, or provide power with a USB

    1. Hi Doug, welcome and thank you for reading. I didn’t include audio baby monitor with battery power baby units in the article.

      After your comment, however, I decided to look out for these. I could only find two and have included them in the article. These are DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor and Audio Baby Monitor Intercom walkie-Talkie Baby Monitors.

      You can purchase the DBPOWER Monitor HERE. I recommend you go with DBPOWER as it’s more recognized and likely to give you the best value for your money. If you wish, you can read the article for a brief review of both.

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