Best Budget Panini Press in 2020 [Plus Reviews and Ratings]

Looking for the best budget panini press? You’re on the right page.

As you know:

Going for an affordable model is different from buying an expensive one.

Your options are limited. So, you have to be very careful in choosing so you don’t go for a dud.

Because of this, you have to understand a few things about buying in this range. With that, you know what to avoid, so you can pick the gem from the dregs.

To help you do that, here are some things you should consider before making a buying decision. Once you understand these, you can go ahead and choose one from the reviewed models.


Best Budget Panini Press in 2020 (Reviews and Ratings)

The Breville Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

The 1500 watt Panini press with nonstick scratch-resistant Quantanium cooking surface is the perfect fit for grilling and barbeque days.

And comes with a Flat bottom plate for fast and even cooking.

Its ribbed top plate creates grill marks for an even better-looking steak and bread. In fact, it warms up really fast and is capable of cooking frozen food without thawing.

It is also pretty easy to clean.

Its Floating Hinge has 4 height settings equipped with on/ready lights. This will notify you of the cooking progress and a locking storage clip so you need not worry about dust and other particles getting into your meal.

It comes with a cord wrap, brushed stainless steel housing, and a user manual with recipes included to give you a wider range of cooking ideas.

By purchasing this equipment, you are ensured a 1-year limited warranty. And a beautiful addition to your kitchen too!

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Imusa USA GAU-80102 Electric Panini Press 1400-Watts

The Imusa Panini Press is ideal for stress-free cooking with its non-stick surface which guarantees easy cleaning.

If you want to make your Summer barbeque experiences worth remembering this would be perfect for you as it is equipped with a Floating hinge for adjustable cooking heights.

With its large surface and polished stainless steel exterior, it caters to your large family needs by making large servings of meals like sandwiches, meats, and vegetables available in record time.

You no longer have to worry about getting your palms burnt or your thin mittens that do not protect your hands well enough because the Imusa Panini Press is equipped with Cool touch handles.

This appliance has also gotten great reviews with an excited customer saying; “A Great Value, Especially if you’re into more than Grilled Cheese and Panini”.

With such a good product in your kitchen, your delicious sandwiches are just a few actions away!

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Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press

The Cuisinart Grill and Panini Press are designed for comfort and convenience when preparing succulent steaks and delicious sandwiches.

It features upper and lower nonstick easily detachable grill plates which provide fast and even grilling.

It also has an integrated drip tray for better and easier grease drainage from food which ensures healthier cooking.

With its floating hinge adjustments, it can easily accommodate any thickness for well-cooked thin or thick panini, burgers, sliced chicken tenders, and sandwiches.

Its preset temperature is ideal for grilling all kinds of food and takes the stress out of cooking to ensure crisp and evenly cooked results.

Another great feature of the Cuisinart Grill is its Dishwasher safe grill plates which make cleanup after each meal relatively easy and not a chore at all.

This appliance is a must-have for fast and easy grilling at home and it is also very user-friendly.

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Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill

This Grill is great for cooking perfect paninis and can be used to warm leftover pizzas and sandwiches. With its highly effective floating lid, it can deliver amazing café standard dishes all at your convenience.

It features an Upright Storage that makes it possible to fit into your kitchen cabinet.

You do not have to worry about flipping your sandwiches or burgers on time because both the top and bottom of the grill heat at the same temperature ensuring that all your meals are nice, warm, and stress-free.

The press has a “Green Means Go” indicator that serves as a ready light to show when it is ready to cook your meal.

And for the very best results, it is always advisable to let the grill preheat for a minimum of six minutes before use. It is also made of nonstick stainless steel which ensures for easy removal of prepared food.

Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill

Thinking about going to a restaurant to enjoy delicious Panini and sandwiches?

This Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill is just what you need. Enjoy a delicious sandwich in one press with this appliance.

It features lids that lock in a way that it can cover your food without touching it and its nonstick cooking surface is spacious and ideal for large cookouts.

This grill features cool-touch handles and with its beautiful appearance will surely make for a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

It cleans up easy and its floating top allows for a wide range of thicknesses of turkey burgers, sandwiches and others.

This product offers durability, convenience and if you would love to have good meals ready and hot in no time, this would be perfect for you!

With its portable build, it easily fits into your kitchen and with its affordable price; it is the ideal Electric Grill.


Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Budget Panini Press


When you’re looking to choose the best budget panini press, you already understand they come in varying price points.

With that said, many people believe that these models don’t have many features to offer. That’s true to some extent but not for all cases.

While you’ll find better options in more expensive ones, the cheaper ones can also do justice to what you are looking for.

In this section, you’ll learn some of the important things to consider as well as the features you’ll likely find in a cheaper model.

These should help you make the best choice since your option is already narrowed.

Keep in mind:

These are just recommendations for features/factors to look for. And they’re meant to help you choose the best. However, the choice rests on your shoulder.

You’re responsible for choosing what will suit your needs perfectly.

1. Go for a model with a floating hinge

This is the first of many features you’ll find inexpensive models.

Fortunately, they’re also present in many affordable models. This feature allows you to close the grill at varying heights.

It also makes it possible to put in a tall or shorter (but wider) grilled sandwich. You can find it on models that are even less than a hundred dollars, which makes grilling easy.

2. Easy to use features

It’s true that most affordable models will have limited features.

This can be a good thing for beginners because then, you won’t have to bother about too many things when you need to make a simple ham or cheese sandwich.

So, another thing to add to that is that the little features you have should be easy to use. If you’re a beginner, there are two advantages to you.

First, you aren’t paying a lot for the equipment. Get the experience that’ll be useful for using bigger models.

Second, it’s easy to use and offers a good learning curve. You get things done quickly and simply.

3. Versatile and flexible

If you’re buying on a budget, be prepared to miss features like an adjustable thermostat, removable plates, adjustable temperature, etc.

However, you shouldn’t miss flexibility.

Your panini press shouldn’t be to just make sandwiches. You should be able to make quesadillas, pizza, dessert, grilled pound cake slices, and a few other delicious delicacies.

A few other things to look for is the material of the grill plates.

It’s not always something that’ll be available for a cheap model. But if you have the option to choose, it’ll be between aluminum and cast-iron grill plate.

The difference is that the aluminum grill plate will heat up faster but more difficult to clean up.

While the cast-iron grill plate delays in heating up but has better heat retention. This means your recovery time is much better.

Either one is good. So, the one you go for depends on your tastes and preferences.


Best Budget Panini Press FAQ

Here, you’ll find all the common questions associated with the best budget panini press. If we skipped a question you have, please leave it in the comments section below.

1. Q: How much should I pay?

A: The answer to this depends on your budget. Again, since you’re looking for a cheap model, how much you pay is going to be relatively low.

One thing you should understand is that your option will be limited and the features you’ll get will be narrow compared to buying one that’s expensive.

Typically, the models in this range should cost no more than a hundred dollars.

Again, how much you pay is subjective.

If you’re trying to get one on a budget and you’re comfortable with parting with two hundred dollars, for example, you have slightly better options.

Compared to someone who is only looking to pay less than a hundred dollars.

Finally, the price for all the models in the budget range varies considerably.

This is why it’s difficult to put a definite price on them. The ones reviewed here are inexpensive and come in different price points.

Choosing a suitable one should be easy for you.

2. Q: What’s the best brand in this range?

A: There is no single best brand for budget panini presses. Instead, there are a couple of reputable brands that make good quality models you can look into.

This includes Cuisinart, Breville, Hamilton Beach, etc. There are a lot of others with suitable products, but these are the most popular ones when it comes to choosing a budget panini press.

Also, these sorts of brands have a large variant of products that you can choose from, which makes it easier to make a buying decision.

Newer companies that are competing in space don’t have a lot of products.

If you’re considering buying a $50 model, for example, you may only see just one model from a newer brand, which you may not like.

But an established brand like Hamilton Beach will have several ones you can compare the features and prices. In this case, it’s better to stick with these known brands.

3. Q: Are these suitable for beginners?

A: Whether you’re trying your hands on a new one as the previous owner or you’re buying for the first time, you’ll find a suitable model.

If you’re a beginner, you should consider a cheap model that’s reliable.

You can learn everything you need to know about making sandwiches with the product quickly without paying exorbitant prices.

As a veteran, you may want a simpler or smaller model to support the more expensive unit you have at home. This can be useful for wiping up a quick sandwich or burger for an individual.

Not only will it save energy, but also reduce the stress on the other unit.

4. Q: Where is the best place to get this?

A: The best place to get it online or offline (at your local store). Truthfully, this is very dependent on your preferences.

Most people like to buy online because of the convenience factor.

Most times, you pay less when you buy online. This is common with people living where there are a shortage of stores around them where they can purchase these products.

Another reason why people buy online is because of availability.

In some cases, you’ll find it difficult to get a specific model at the local store or it’s out of stock for a long time.

Others prefer to buy offline because it affords them the opportunity to SEE before BUYING. It’s also great for comparison shopping as well as just pricing things without buying.

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