Best Non WiFi Baby Monitor 2020 [Reviews and Rating]

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Every parent wants to provide the best care for their baby. While being around a baby all day long would be a good way to show the child’s attention, this isn’t usually possible.

And that’s because babies have to sleep and parents usually have activities to attend to. This is why baby monitors are needed to watch over babies.

Baby monitors are devices that aid parents hear when a baby cries, while out of hearing distance of the baby.

While baby monitors are worthwhile, a lot of parents have encountered problems like privacy interference, static and batteries with short life amidst others.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best baby monitors that have overcome most of the complaints observed by parents.

Reviews of the Best Non WiFi Baby Monitor 2020

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor — The Editor’s Choice

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This is one of the best non wifi baby monitors on the market. It’s been rated highly by many reputable publications. And you’ll see why in the following paragraphs…

Infant Optics Baby Monitor guarantees secure audio and video footage with 100% digital privacy and is completely safe from hackers.

Its compact size ensures portability and can easily be carried around the house while offering top-notch video and audio quality.

It offers no load time delays and has a sound-activated LED bar for better position awareness when the screen is turned off or in the dark.

With the DXR-8, long battery life is assured lasts for 12-hours in audio-only mode and up to 8-hours with a live screen.

It also features an Interchangeable Lens System that allows parents to customize the camera performance by switching different lenses on the camera within seconds.

Different lenses like Normal, Optical Zoom, and Wide angles are options although the Wide Angles lens are not included in the package and will have to be purchased separately.

The DXR-8 is also expandable to up to 4 cameras with Scan Mode.

A Great View of the Kiddies Crib

One of a remote but ample view of your baby’s crib while you’re cooking in the kitchen? The wide-angle lens on this non wifi baby monitor makes that possible.

It offers a 170-degree panoramic view, such that it provides not only a clear but a broad view of your baby’s sleep area.

Aside from zooming, this is the most useful feature for you if you have an active baby or toddler. Fortunately, you can control it through the monitor remotely.

So, if you have a toddler that is already getting out of bed, you can scroll around and watch them even out of bed.

The only downside is that you’ll have to purchase this separately.

If you’ll ever need a feature like this, it’ll be better to buy it alongside the unit so you have a complete baby monitor without wifi and it feels less like spending more money.

Simple and Easy to Use

One of the major selling points of this no wifi baby monitor is its simplicity. Many have become avid fans because it’s easy to set up and simple to use.

If you don’t like reading through complex instructions or complicated setup procedures, this might be for you.

Many have found it user-friendly, aside from being reliable and functional.

All you have to do is turn on the camera, focus it on the baby, and turn on the monitor. Nothing strange or difficult about setting it up. And that’s the same with the use too.

If you’re a first-time mom, I’m sure you can exchange the joy of seeing your infant sleep peacefully, in their crib, for the most part.

Yes, it helps keeps the sanity checked in the chaos that comes with parenting. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for the best baby monitor with no wifi, check this out.

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MoonyBaby 4.3 Inches Large LCD Video Baby Monitor

Editor’s Choice for Best Video Baby Monitor With No Wifi

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The Moony Baby Monitor is a non-Wi-Fi that provides a secure and private connection between the camera and monitor with a 2.4 GHz interference-free signal.

There’s a voice activation feature that allows you to turn off the screen while keeping audio on continuously. And if the monitor detects your baby’s voice/cry, the video streaming screen comes up automatically.

This, therefore, provides a secure environment for your baby to sleep in, whether you’re at home or not.

Baby room temperature monitoring is also enabled. This feature helps in making sure that room temperature is not above the normal range. And will alert the parent when the temperature goes out of the safe range.

Another feature of this Baby Monitor is that it has 5 built-in lullabies to help lull babies to sound sleep.

The Moony Baby Monitor also saves you a lot of money. Not only because it’s affordable. But also because it can monitor up to 4 rooms with just one screen. Here are more Closed Circuit Baby Monitors.

It is user-friendly and has excellent camera quality. It is also rechargeable and can last for long hours at a time.

Great Screen Size

One of the nice features we like about this monitor is that it has a very widescreen. It comes with 4.3-inches, which gives you crystal clear video.

It’s a big deal if you wake up in the night and can’t see your baby clearly. While it’s not as big as the iPad, it’s big enough to give you a nice view of your baby, anytime. That’s why we choose it as the best baby monitor without wifi on this list.

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HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with 3.2 Inch LCD Display

Editor’s Choice for Best No Wifi Baby Monitor

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The Hello Baby Monitor is highly efficient and provides quality baby monitoring technology to enable parents to have a secure connection with their babies at all times.

Their LCD screens allow you to watch your child sleeping or playing with crystal clear quality.

Another feature of this baby monitor is it provides two-way talk-back communication for you and your baby that lets you calm and sing your baby back to sleep.

The Hello Baby Monitor infrared night vision function is activated automatically in a dark environment and enables you to clearly see your baby not only during day time but at night.

Just like the Infant Optics Baby Monitor, it can also be expandable to up to 4 cameras at the same time and this means that one parent monitor can be easily paired with up to 4 child unit cameras.

The baby camera is easy to use, requires no setup, and is essentially plug and play.

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Eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor

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The Eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor is one of the most incredible non wifi baby monitor you can get your hand on.

While it’s one of the newest in the market, it comes with great HD-quality images, good night vision, superb reception, and a solid design.

With only a few downsides like a flimsy kickstand and unimpressive camera mounts, the Eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor is primed with great features and functionalities.

If you’re ready to learn what great features this has and whether it should be your next baby video monitor without wifi, then read the following in-depth review of the unit.

Ready for Use Out-of-the-Box

One of the great advantages of the Spaceview S Monitor is there are no Wi-Fi setup or account logins. It’s a matter of plugging it in and you’re good to go.

The non-wifi capability of this unit makes it a whole lot easy to use for beginners. So, at this junction, it’s safe to say that this is for everyone.

Unless you have some preferential requirements, you shouldn’t find this difficult to use compared to a Wi-Fi monitor.

Wider and Extensive Viewing Range

The other benefit of the Eufy Spaceview is that it doesn’t limit you to a crib view. Rather, it gives you a bird’s view of your baby’s nursery.

With a 330-degree coverage and 110-degree tilt, you’re able to see the whole room.

This isn’t just about monitoring your baby. Instead, it’s about getting connected to your baby at a deeper level and being there when he/she needs you.

In addition to that, the camera on the parent unit has a wide-angle lens, making for a pretty solid view during the day and at night.

The two-way talk and zoom also close the gap between mom and kid even when they’re in two different rooms.

You Get a 460-ft Range

This is a little lower compared to a lot of the options out there. While you may never have to test the bounds of the coverage, you may be handicapped if you decide to use this on your travels.

If you’re living in a small apartment, you’ll never have any problem with signal reception. Therefore, getting all the video feeds and instant alerts will be smooth and straightforward.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a travel junky though, just as I mentioned above. Unless you’re staying in an area where your baby is not too far away from you.

Superb Audio Monitoring

Another thing you’ll like about this unit is the excellent audio monitoring feature.

You can turn off the video and rely solely on the audio capability of the unit. It’ll notify you when your baby is crying and needs your attention.

This is a useful feature for those that don’t like cuddling their smartphones all the time, especially when busy in the kitchen.

Who’s the Eufy Spaceview for?

There are a lot of terrible non-connected options out there. They’re slow, lack picture quality and depth. Some are even expensive without the feature or quality to compensate.

I’m sure you don’t want any of that.

Also, if you’re a little bit worried about Electromotive force (EMF) but still want the qualities and features of a baby monitor without wifi, you should check this out.

When compared to the Infant Optics Monitor, the #1 best seller on Amazon right now, you’ll quickly see that it matches up in a lot of categories. In terms of quality, they’re all the same.

The features are also comparable but this unit goes further higher with a 5-inch display and a 720p picture quality.

This is something you won’t find on a lot of other baby monitors with no wifi out there.

Moreover, the Infant Optics’s screen is smaller than the one on this one, although it could be more durable. So, if you’re looking for better picture quality and a wider viewing screen, you shouldn’t go wrong with this unit.

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DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

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The DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for parents who want to take some time out for themselves when their babies are asleep while still maintaining an almost physical connection with them.

Like other Baby Monitors, it supports up to 4 cameras and also has an added split-screen feature.

It has a Video Recording feature that lets you manually record moments with your little one. And it supports up to 32GB micro SD cards.

Note that these SD cards don’t come with the package, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

You can also choose to automatically record videos using the DBPower baby monitor precise sound-triggered DVR function.

It also features an advanced alert system with an easily adjustable audible and visual alert. These help in detecting baby’s crying, low battery, or baby’s room temperature.

You can adjust the volume from as low as zero to high as 6. This allows you to turn it up even when your favorite TV is on. This offers a great way to monitor your baby, anytime and every time.

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Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

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Summer Infant Baby Monitor is a 5 inch and portable flat-screen color LCD.

The camera can rotate for up to 180 degrees both on its base and up and down. It features two-way communications that allow parents to talk to the baby while in the nursery.

The Summer Infant Baby Monitor comes with automatic black and white vision technology and 100% privacy technology.

This, in addition to the 600ft digital zoom, makes a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient baby monitor.

Another nice feature is that it has a green light that turns from orange to red with loud noises to notify parents of a baby’s cry.

Other features of the Summer Infant baby monitor are its camera design. Both of which make optimal positioning on baby possible and its power-saving video mode.

Like the DXR-8 camera, it features a wide-angle lens camera. These are capable of recording 4x more of the baby’s room.

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What’s the Best Non Wifi Baby Monitor in 2020?

Want to choose one right away? Here is the editor’s choice:

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Infant Optics Baby Monitor guarantees secure audio and video footage with 100% digital privacy and is completely safe from hackers.

Its compact size ensures portability and can easily be carried around the house while offering top-notch video and audio quality.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor offers no load time delays and has a sound-activated LED bar for better position awareness when the screen is turned off or in the dark.

With the DXR-8, long battery life is assured. The monitor can last for 12-hours in audio-only mode and up to 8-hours with a live screen.

It also features an Interchangeable Lens System too.

This allows parents to customize the camera performance by switching different lenses on the camera within seconds.

Different lenses like normal, optical zoom, and wide angles are options to choose from. Although the wide-angle lens is not included in the package. So, you’ll have to purchase them separately if you need them.

The DXR-8 is also expandable to up to 4 cameras with Scan Mode.

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How to Choose the Best Non WiFi Baby Monitor

Honestly, I think you deserve an award for making the smart decision to buy a non-wifi baby monitor instead of its counterpart.

It is now an open secret that all promises of security and privacy on any issue concerning the internet are as good as the promises of a man who is eager to take a woman to bed.

It is not only understandable but also praiseworthy when you decide to remove your precious little baby out of the dragon’s den by buying a baby monitor that doesn’t require the internet to function.

With the aid of high tech communication tools like FHSS and DECT, the need for a wifi baby monitor is completely overridden.

With these advanced technologies, you will find it easy to monitor and check up on your baby without being worried about the prying eyes of shady internet companies.

As usual, you will be overwhelmed when you are ready to buy with several options from different brands of non-wifi baby monitors.

And in this section, we are going to arm you with the appropriate knowledge which will enable you to make a purchase that you will be proud of.

Here are things to keep in mind when choosing: 

1. Determine Your Budget

The age-old adage of cut your cloth according to your coat is so popular that it has turned into a cliché. When buying this techy baby gear, it is very important that you consider the weight of your bank account.

You shouldn’t buy an expensive brand of baby monitor because that was exactly what that your “rich” friend bought. If you try that, you will watch the entire money budgeted for the baby’s supplies disappear into thin air.

On the other hand, you should not fall into the trap of being too cheap. Doing that is the same as putting your precious boy or girl into harm’s way.

Normally, technological devices have a reputation for being expensive. It is important to have an adequate financial plan that suits your income.

2. Educate Your Self About Non-wifi Baby Monitors

Agree, we must, that the internet is beautiful mainly because it helps us to access information at the click of a button.

Having known that, it becomes a grievous sin to not learn a thing or two about this type of video monitor before opening your purse to shop.

The advantage of doing this is not lacking.

It will help you to understand most if not all of the tech jargon that you will see in the description section of the product. As a result, you will make a smarter buying decision.

Lack of knowledge will kill your joy and induce buyer’s regret in you. The monitor will end up being a fake one that wouldn’t last very long.

3. Seek Expert Opinions by Reading Review Articles

Experience is the best teacher. And if you don’t have it, you must rely on those who do.

On the internet, there are various expert publications (and this blog is the best of them, lol) who buy different products, use them and then write useful reviews for their loyal readers.

For instance, here we are with an in-depth review of non-wifi monitors to help you decide which one that you would love to buy.

Reading reviews will help you to exclude those products that make bogus promises without fulfilling them.

Don’t make the mistake of reading the reviews on the product page of a shopping website because most merchants hire underground workers to write exaggerated things about the product.

These cannot be trusted. On the other hand,  publications like ours leave “editorial” reviews which are not primarily reward-driven.

Most expert review articles about non Wi-Fi baby monitor also contain a detailed set of instructions for using it.

This will help you to make maximum use of it. Also,  you will be informed of the latest version of the brand which you wish to purchase.

4. Choose a Trustworthy Shop

A good rule of thumb for choosing the place where you will shop is to determine how popular that store is. Popularity is a great metric of trust.

Popular stores won’t like to defraud you. And that’s because the cost is their reputation. If you mistakenly receive a faulty non-wifi baby monitor,  you can ask for a refund.

Examples of such stores include Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.

Never trust any of the mom and pop Shopify stores springing up everywhere on the internet. Some of them are just out to steal your credit card information.

Those who don’t steal it will end up not shipping your order. And even those who managed to ship your order, you will open the package to find a fake or broken monitor.

Don’t click on Facebook or Instagram ads about this baby gear if it is not from an online store that you recognize. There are lots of scammy shops on the internet and most of them use social media ads to target you.

5. Be on the Lookout for the Necessary Features

Always endeavor to read the description properly because it helps you to know whether that brand has the features which you need.

A good non-wifi baby monitor should have the following.

  • FSSH or DECT Technology: This helps you to plug and play with zero waste of time. Since this technology is what enables it to function without the internet, your mind won’t worry about connecting to an insecure cloud server or been hacked by rogue programmers.
  • Sound Activated LED Bar: Having this on the baby monitor will help you to know when your baby starts crying.
  • Delay-free Playback: If something happened to your baby and you missed how and when it happened, ensuring that the brand you chose has this feature is very crucial.
  • Remote Zoom Functionality: The purpose of this is to enable you to digitally control the focus of the camera.
  • Alarm Function: Having this on the non-wifi baby monitor will make you be alerted during accidents.
  • Night Vision: The camera which comes with the non Wi-Fi baby monitor must be capable of recording clearly at night.
  • Battery Life: It is very important to ensure that the battery lasts relatively long – at least for up to 12 hours. This is enough time before it could be charged again.

Having said that:

Types of Baby Monitors to Consider

One great feature of these devices is that they help you keep an ear or eye on your baby, even when they’re in the monitor and you’re in another room.

There are many different types and styles on the market. All of these are designed with your baby’s safety and your own convenience in mind.

The enhance the feasibility of choosing the right one, you should at least be familiar with some of the popular ones right now.

The most common are video baby monitors, which have surpassed the audio-based monitors due to their versatility and functionality. There are also hybrid models that combine these two important features.

Audio Baby Monitors

These are very common in the early days of monitoring infants. Not only are they easy to use but are inexpensive, compared to video types.

The main function of these types is allowing you to hear all that’s happening in your baby’s nursery without any interference. They come with several channels of reception, which helps in minimizing interference.

Video Baby Monitors

These were introduced in recent years as more and more parents adopt the baby monitor and the need to see all infant activities increases.

While they’re still the most expensive, their price has gone down throughout the years.

However, the cost is totally dependent on the features and functions of the device itself. This is why several models from the same manufacturer have widely varying prices.

With this type, you can see and hear your baby’s cry, movement, and other activities. Some models even have infrared technologies that allow you to enjoy all of these benefits at night.

Wifi and Non-Wifi Baby Monitors

The earliest models come with two units, the parent and the child unit.

The child unit is installed in the baby’s nursery while the parent unit stays with the money. This requires some form of signal to maintain communication between the two units.

The first connection-relationship was done through the receiver and transmitter modes. This is where one unit (the transmitter) transmits a signal through a microphone and the other unit (receiver) receives that through radio signals.

This kind of communication is based on the Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and was replaced by Wi-fi routers when the Wifi-based monitors were introduced.

All of these types are good and your choice should be determined by your needs and preferences.

If you’re working with a budget, a non-wifi video baby monitor is the most suitable for you. But if you have the budget and don’t mind spending a lot on a baby monitor, then you can go for Wifi baby monitor, which might be more expensive.

Safety Tips for Using Baby Monitors

Perfecting the monitoring of your baby doesn’t end after you get a baby monitor.

There are a few safety tips you need to be aware of, especially now that you’re trusting a baby monitor.

It’s therefore important to learn this and follow them at all times.

Doing this will ensure you not only monitor your baby effectively but will keep your mind at rest regarding your baby’s safety.

Baby Monitors are not a substitute for your attention

Baby monitors are indeed great devices. However, they’re only meant for you to keep an eye on your baby while he/she is sleeping.

This means you have to pay attention to your baby when they’re awake, at all times.

Never take the baby monitor without wifi as a substitute.

Keep out of reach of water and sunlight

This seems obvious but can easily be overlooked.

Make sure your baby monitor without internet is installed in areas that are far away from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can cause damage to the non wifi baby monitor or cause it to malfunction. Thus, affecting the monitoring ability of the device and in extension, your own ability to monitor your little one.

Also, you should keep it away from water, which can bring about the risk of electric shock.

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Keep out of reach of an infant

One of the cardinal principles of parenting is that you should keep all items that are prone to hazard away from your little one.

For most baby monitors to work, they require an electric cord. These electric cords are plugged in at all times.

For that reason, you should not place them where your infant can play to or easily access.

These are just some of the important safety tips to adhere to when using a baby monitor that doesn’t need wifi. Most manufacturers will also include additional tips that you can read so as to ensure your baby’s safety while using the monitor.

Having said that, here is a video overview for choosing a baby monitor:

Final Words on the Best Non WiFi Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are the safest ways to keep an eye on your baby while going about your normal activities.

We’ve put together the best brands available today to help you on your journey of Parenthood. Ensure you take into consideration your baby’s needs and other special features listed before choosing a baby monitor.

If you want one of the baby monitors that don’t require wifi, we recommend you check out the Moonybaby Monitor. We’ve seen so many people ordering it because of the great features it comes with.

Using the Best Baby Monitor Without Wifi: Any Benefits?

Using the best baby monitor without wifi comes with a lot of benefits. The first is that it’s incredibly difficult to hack. This unit doesn’t pass information through the air so it’s difficult for hackers or anyone with a dirty mind to have access.

There are literally hundreds of baby monitors out there. But choosing one that protects the information transmitted between you and your baby is good. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there you can choose from.

Another possible advantage is that you aren’t going to add to your Wifi connection cost if you’re paying for it. While this isn’t as important as the first one, it can still be very useful.

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