Best Sterilizer for Comotomo Bottles in 2020

Looking for the Best Sterilizers for Comotomo Bottles in 2020? You’re on the right page.

Careless mistakes regarding babies are prevalent for the new parents, and at one point, they may even be afraid to have a baby. Some of the common mistakes include mixing the formula milk wrong, not properly taking care of food, forgetting the baby burping and not sterilizing the bottles.

Yes, skipping baby bottle sterilization is such a colossal blunder that it can risk the life of the baby. Viruses and bacteria are getting more robust these days, which can cause a particular disease. The baby’s weak immune system is very much prone to such viruses and bacteria.

Now why it is important to keep the babies feeding bottles clean? What if we forgot to sterilize the bottle? Well, there are many dangers of not cleaning the feeding bottles specifically we are talking about Comotomo bottle here. If you are sterilizing the feeding bottles properly, it can be a risky.

Your baby can suffer from food poisoning and diarrhea, Hepatitis A, vomiting, rota-virus and stomach flu, and much more digestive tract related issues. Actually, feeding bottles are the direct way for any bacteria or virus to enter the baby’s delicate body, which we can block by sterilizing them properly.

Therefore, after looking at all the beneficial attributes, we’ll be providing you a detailed guide to all the product features, pros, and cons which are available in the market. Although, these devices work better for sterilizing all kind of feeding bottles but they are particularly good and effective for Comotomo type bottles.

So without further ado let’s find out what these devices are:

Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer

Sterilize the feeding bottle of your baby in just a single step with this Baby Brezza one step bottle SterilizerThis sterilizer device utilizes automatic functionalities and has dual working. It can sterilize as well as dry the bottles to inhibit the production of germs again. The main principle is to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and other infectious germs only with the help of steam. The natural steam will kill 99.9% of germs in only 8-minutes. There is a unique drying system available in the device that can dry out the bottle parts after sterilizing them. The cycles include the 30, 45 ad 60-minutes duration. Another advantageous feature for this sterilizer is that you don’t need any kind of harmful additives and chemicals for the process. The device can also work for the Comotomo bottles, nipples, breast pumps, pacifiers, and other baby feeding accessories as well. This is a 4-in-1 device can perform sterilize-only, dry, and dry on the storage rack and dry-only functionalities. All the bottles and accessories can stay sterilize for about 24 hours then.

The automatic drying feature lets you help sterilize and dry out the bottles on its own. You don’t need to give the separate inputs for your job to get it done. Once the job is done, the device will automatically turn off to save power consumption. The ample internal storage can hold up to 6 bottles at one time. Also, the large width and elevated height allow you to place the bottle of any size and it supports other large accessories like the breast pumps as well. The easy to use LCD control panel allows you to control the device without any hassle. This Baby Brezza is a perfect automatic sterilizing machine for your baby.

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer

This newer and upgraded version of Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer helps you to do the three functionalities at a time. You can sterilize, dry out, and store your baby feeding bottles to keep them germ-free. This Wabi Baby Sterilizer is a 3-in-1 complete device that follows the principle of steam sterilization. Apart from the sterilization process, you can easily dry out and then store the bottles for later use. Storing in this Wabi Sterilizer will keep the germs away from the bottle, and you don’t need to sterilize for the multiple times.

Now, say goodbye to your sterilizer devices that are very much time consuming and require costly services for effective functioning. This device is environmentally friendly and consumes less power. Its compact and sleek design allows you to take the device on travel and use it on-the-go. The ease of functioning enhances the versatility of the device among every type of parent. You just need to push one button to sterilize as well as dry out the bottles in no time with the 475W motor. No complicated features and extra buttons! Air drying feature is very unique and effective in this electric steam sterilizer. Traditional devices perform the air-drying, which leaves moisture in the bottles and provides the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This unit will dry out the Comotomo bottles, pacifiers, breast pumps, and other accessories immediately after the sterilization process, which leaves no moisture in them.

Furthermore, the carriage storage can hold up to 8 bottles at a time and allows easy loading/unloading. The bottle rack is in the perfect angle so that the steam reaches inside the bottles and in every corner to kill 99.9% germs.

BabyMoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer

The patented technology of this Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer can kill up to 99.9% germs without even using any chemicals, soap, additives, and harmful substances. You can eradicate the bacteria, viruses, germs, and other infectious substances by just using the steam.

The internal designing of the device is works smartly. The steam nozzles are oriented at the perfect angle so that the steam even reaches to the core of bottles. The dry air that this device produces is also a pure quality. The high-performance HEPA filtration ensures the quality of air. This system can also filter out the impurities or germs present in the air that is utilized for drying the bottles, which is pretty unique feature.

The rapid functioning ability, along with its effective operations, can sterilize the baby feeding Comotomo bottles, pacifiers, nipples, and breastfeeding pumps within 8 minutes. Then comes the drying out operations; this feature can be used in different cycles. You can utilize the 30 or 60 minutes cycle to make sure the effective drying. The air drying utilizes the HEPA filtration system that makes the drying to the environment more hygiene than any other sterilizer available. Not only is this, but you can maintain this hygienic environment for the next 36 hours within the sterilizer device.

Furthermore, you can store the sterilized products inside the chamber to prevent them from airborne impurities and germs of the outside environment.

This complete 4-in-1 device lets you perform the sterilization, drying, deodorize, and store the baby bottles. Your device utilizes the easy to use functionalities which require you to press just a single button to start the operation. The LCD feature makes this device more users friendly.


Remember that babies are more prone to diseases. They need to be protected even from the minor germs and bacteria. Sterilization is vital for their feeding bottles, nipples, pacifier, breast pumps, and many more accessories.

We have mentioned above some of the best available sterilizes, especially for the Comotomo bottles, to keep the germs and bacteria away from your babies. All these devices are from popular and trustworthy brands, so these are reliable and very effective for your baby’s health.

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