Best Cloth Diapers for Heavy Wetters for 2020 [Complete With Reviews/Ratings]

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The best cloth diapers for heavy wetters are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Fortunately, they’re widely available and affordable.

Aside from that:

Diapers are one of the most essential products every expecting parent has to prepare for before a baby is born.

The ideal diaper should be absorbent and well created to prevent leaks and should also be soft and lightweight to ensure a baby stays comfortable.

The process of choosing diapers can be long and pretty frustrating as there are a wide variety of diapers to choose from.

Looking for the right diapers for your little ones that are reusable and will guarantee your money’s worth?

You’re in the right place as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best diapers your baby needs.

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Mama Koala Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers

Mama Koala cloth diapers are designed to take care of the baby’s skin by being super soft and comfortable.

They have a waterproof stay dry suede inner cloth that gets rid of moisture and ensure baby stays dry and also have a Waterproof Outer (TPU) that do not require covers.

Mama Koala Pocket diapers are one-size that fits almost all babies and each diaper has a 3-layer microfiber which provides for a more snug fit despite the baby’s weight rating.

They also come with inserts that have snaps for holding it in place. And it also permits size and height adjustments for the diaper.

Another great feature of this diaper is that it comes equipped with a large pocket size you can put the inserts into. The pocket has a flap on the inside that covers the inserts and ensures they stay securely in place.

The diapers also have gentle leg elastics that contain messes and prevent leaks to ensure the baby stays clean throughout the day.

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Unisex Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers (7 Pack, 7 Bamboo Inserts, 1 Wet Bag)

Nora’s Nursery diapers were created by parents to provide a great alternative to disposable diapers and are known for being cost-effective and very safe for babies.

They feature sizing snaps that are easily adjustable and can help achieve the desired fit for both babies and toddlers.

With these diapers, there will be no need to shop for different sizes for your baby over the course of time as this diaper grows with babies and is a one size fits all.

Nora’s Nursery diapers contain Bamboo Viscose inserts which are one of the most absorbent and softest materials cloth diapers could have.

This ensures your baby’s comfort, maintains dryness and will get even softer and more absorbent after each wash!

They also have leg gussets that help prevent leaks and lock in moisture without weakening from the several washes or just plain wear and tear.

Nora’s Nursery diapers also have a 100% money-back guarantee and permit return of order if customers are not satisfied.

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ALVABABY Pocket Reusable, Washable Cloth Diapers 

Alvababy diapers are a common choice for most parents due to their affordability and availability in most convenience stores.

They are known for their durability and if your baby is a heavy wetter then this would be perfect for your little one.

Also called Modern Cloth Nappies, this diaper is reusable, washable, comfortable and super absorbent.

It is suitable for babies weighing 3kg-15kg and much like Nora’s Nursery diapers is a one size fits all.

The outer layer is all-polyester while the inner layer’s material is suede cloth.

This ensures that it doesn’t hold moisture. Instead makes moisture gets drawn away to the 3-layer microfiber insert.

Alvababy diapers also come with crossover snaps and hip snaps which prevent hip droop. They are easily washable, breathable, and last long.

Many parents trust them. Not just because they’re affordable but because these diapers work. These customers have become repeat customers of their diapers for their babies’ comfort and care. 

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Simple Being Reusable, Double Gusset Cloth Diapers

The Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers includes a set of 6 unisex cloth diapers, 20 diaper sheets, 6 liners, and a matching wash bag.

It is soft to touch and comfortable for babies with its high-quality fabric that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin.

It is washable, reusable and has a light grey interior that makes staining less obvious.

Simple Being Diapers also makes for a perfect fit with strong snaps on the hip to hold the diaper in place at all times.

They also feature snug leg gussets which prevent leakages and are lined with microfiber to absorb moisture.

Some other great features of the Simple Being Diapers worthy of mention are the center snap on the diaper. This feature ensures better alignment and its trendy and fashionable designs that make your baby look good.

They are easy to wash and dry too! And you can use it as a hand me downs for other babies you have later. 

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GroVia O.N.E. Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper (Cloud)

Launched in 2009, Grovia O.N.E has since led the cause to provide healthy and high-quality reusable diapers to parents.

With the O.N.E diaper, you do not need to choose between Hook and Loop. Or Snap closures because unlike other diapers, you can have both!

There is no need for other preparations with this diaper so you can start using it immediately after purchase.

It has built-in absorbency which provides nighttime dryness and baby’s comfort. But some users state that it is a bit uncomfortable during the day when the baby would be active.

The Modular Snap-in Soaker System permits use from birth to potty learning and can be easily customized.

The GroVia O.N.E is of 100% Polyester material and 100% cotton which confers its high absorbency.

Grovia O.N.E also has a removable velcro strip. This can be removed to wash the diaper and is quite easy to clean since it is machine washable. 

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That’s it.

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