HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with 3.2 Inch LCD Display (Comprehensive Review)

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HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor: In-depth Review

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The Hello Baby Monitor is highly efficient and provides quality baby monitoring technology to enable parents to have a secure connection with their babies at all times.

Their LCD screens allow you to watch your child sleeping or playing with crystal clear quality.

Another feature of this baby monitor is it provides two-way talk-back communication for you and your baby that lets you coo and sing your baby back to sleep.

The Hello Baby Monitor infrared night vision function is activated automatically in a dark environment and enables you to clearly see your baby not only during day time but at night.

Just like the Infant Optics Baby Monitor, it can also be expandable to up to 4 cameras at the same time and this means that one parent monitor can be easily paired with up to 4 child unit cameras.

The baby camera is easy to use, requires no setup and is essentially plug and play.

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HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor: Feature Overview

The Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a neat and convenient unit for looking over your baby.

While it’s possible to get an audio baby monitor for a fraction of its price, it comes with a lot more benefits you wouldn’t find on an audio monitor.

Moreover, if the nursery is very close to your room, you may be tempted to want to go for a cheaper one.

Even though it’s not up to a hundred dollars, most parents may be too rigid in their budgets to consider it.

If you find yourself in any of those scenarios, you may want to convince yourself after seeing some of the features of this unit.

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Clear and High-Quality Video

Aside from the sound quality, you can also watch your baby in high definition. While the screen isn’t as wide as a 6-inch smartphone, you can clearly make out your baby’s features on it, which is the most important.

Right from the surface, you can see your baby breathe and wiggle in the crib. You’ll be able to see your baby is awake and at ease.

And if you want more, you can zoom in further so you can see your baby better. And you can pan around too.

While you won’t get an aerial view of the nursery, you’ll have enough information about your baby’s state to put your mind at rest.

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Enjoy Long Range Signal

There are not many cheap baby monitors that’ll come with a range of 950+ ft without some barriers. With this range, you don’t have to worry about hearing your baby’s sound if your house is large.

This is one of the reasons we considered it as the battery baby monitor or at least one of the best.

Great Value for Money

If you don’t have a lot to spend on a baby monitor but still want a very good one, the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor may be suitable for you.

It’s not expensive but also not mediocre.

It’s easy to set up and the quality of the picture is good. It also comes with a decent battery life, which is important for a battery-operated unit.

Moreover, it comes with a two-way talkback feature that allows you to talk to your baby unrestricted. Hear your baby crying for you and you’re busy? Calm them with your sweet voice from the kitchen!

It has some downsides too, but that doesn’t break it or make it less worthy.

For example, the quality of the night vision is low. It might not pick up the baby’s figure clearly in the dark compared to some other expensive units.

The zoom view is also not expansive. As mentioned in a few paragraphs above, it doesn’t provide full coverage of the nursery.

All of these are to be expected from a monitor that’s as affordable as this one.

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Where to Purchase?

You can get this from Amazon too. If you want a quality, well built, high-performance monitor but don’t want to invest in a luxury item, you can look at the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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