Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump: A General Review

With the Pump in Style Advanced, you have a choice of three different bags: the Shoulder Bag, the Backpack, and the Metro Bag.

There are a few differences between the bags. So, you’re likely going to fall in love with the one you choose. Let’s take the shoulder bag, for example, it’s gorgeous.

This bag only comes in black, as do the other Medela Pump in Style Advanced models. The Shoulder bag has several different compartments and pockets. One for the pump with space next to it for either the power adapter or battery adapter.

It comes with a shallow side pocket for paperwork. You can keep your cellphone in the two pockets on the short end of the bag.

Finally, you can benefit from the main zippered part of the bag, which is compartmentalized with different dividers.

It is very easy to find yourself getting organized with this bag. So, if you’re a very disorganized person, you’ll find this bag handy.

It’s easy to find everything that you need in order to pump. This is a huge plus for the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Pump.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump (In-depth Review)

Lots of accessories

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump (Shoulder Bag) comes with many different accessories. When you purchase this pump, you don’t just get a breast pump – you get a complete breast pumping kit.

The bag includes two pumps to attach to the pumping machine, two hoses, a battery pack (8 AA batteries not included), a removable cooler carrier, 4 collection containers and lids, a sample of Medela nursing Cream, a sample of Medela Personal Fit Breast Shields, a sample of Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags, a reusable cooling element, instructions, Breastfeeding Information Guide and, of course, the pumping machine itself.

Emulates nursing with your baby

As mentioned before, the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump emulates nursing with your baby. There are two different speeds on this pump.

The first speed is the short, rapid “sucks”, which is what your baby does to stimulate the milk flow once they are properly latched on.

This setting also “Simulates your baby’s initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow.” The second setting is the slower, deeper “sucking” for stronger milk let-down.

This setting is where you get the most milk because it “Simulates your baby’s slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time.”

What is really great about the two different settings is that they work together so that you can produce more milk for your infant.

Well built knob for more control

The knob control allows you to regulate the intensity of the pump. When you first start pumping, you will automatically start in the rapid setting.

After two minutes, the slow setting takes over. If you would like to start the slow setting sooner, you can simply press a button to switch over. Basically, you can customize this breast pump to your needs during each use.

Extra accessories

There are also other accessories that you can purchase with this pump, such as a car lighter adapter. They are not included but may be worth it for the super-busy mother.

If you don’t want your baby on formula, this product can help you pump regularly so your baby can have enough to eat. You can pump anytime, anywhere, without any restriction.

Moreover, the Medela Pump in Style Advanced allows me to pump quickly so that your baby won’t be far apart in their feeding, especially if you’re a busy momma.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump is an excellent pump for anyone that is currently or aspiring to breastfeed, especially parents of multiples. For more information, you can check out

You can even use the Pump Selector on the website in order to find out what pump is right for you.

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Final Thoughts on the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

The Medela PIS (Pump in Style) is one of the most recommended breast pumps by lactation consultants to breastfeeding moms.

This is because it’s an effective breastfeeding tool, especially for new moms. In fact, the manufacturer, Medela, has been in the business of helping mothers to breastfeed their little ones over a long period of time.

Medela has a line of products that caters to almost every level of nursing difficulty.

This is how Medela has helped in bringing beneficial products to the mass market. So, if you are looking for a brand to be loyal to, Medela is an easy way to go.

The PIS is a single-person every day long-term use. It’s a very powerful and versatile breast pump for breastfeeding mothers.

Even though it’s not a hospital-grade breast pump (like the Lactina, for example), it’s nonetheless worth the investment.

It comes with a lot of accessories that either comes with it or can easily be purchased separately. The advantage of this is that it can help to amplify the functions of the breast pump.

Fortunately, there are a lot of accessories that Medela has designed specifically for this model, making it easy to use for new mothers. Some of the nice accessories include a backpack or a stylish shoulder bag.

Both come with a breastmilk storage cooler to keep your baby’s food in a healthy state. It comes with an adapter for your car so you can charge while on the go.

And since it’s powered by an AC adapter and batteries, keeping it powered is much easier than those with only one power option.

There are certain things that you may not like about the pump, however, just as it is with most baby products. The PIS doesn’t give you as much control as other versatile units in this category.

It’s also one of the pricier models. There are many other models that offer the same or more options and are a lot cheaper. However, in terms of availability, Medela tends to have the upper hand.

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