UppaBaby Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit: Which is Better?

All parents want the best for their babies: it is just natural.

And to find what is best and most beneficial for them is a journey of many tiny steps… from finding the best baby food brand to finding the most comfortable trolley for their little strolls.

This shouldn’t be a journey you take alone, however. And that’s why, today, we are comparing two car seats to make your baby’s trip the most comfortable possible.’

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UppaBaby Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit: Which is Better

The Size Matters

When it comes to size, they are both roughly the same size. It is designed that makes the difference (the Uppababy is very sleek while the Keyfit looks rather bulky but they both take exactly the same room when put in the car seat base).

It Should Be Easy to Install

The installation makes also a difference, with the Mesa being way easier to install. It even has a bubble level indicator in the middle to make sure you are installing it correctly, making the entire experience foolproof.

However, the Keyfit is also extremely easy to install. And you should have no problems installing either no matter if you choose to use the latch or the shoulder seat belt.

The base is also removable in both in case you need to use the seat without it, which is a plus: if you need to use someone else’s car you need not bring the base with you.

Quality of Material

When it comes to materials they are both exceptionally safe: they are both built with high-quality materials, lead-free with steel frames, both have been tested safe for airplane use and they are easy to buckle and unbuckle.

Final Words

Both car seats are absolutely excellent and really high quality: design and ease of installation is the deciding factor here. If you want a sleek design that is slightly easier to install, choose the Mesa. If you like the “bulky design” the best, choose the Keyfit.

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